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        Orbital Shuttle

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        Orbital Shuttle

        The shuttle pallet trolley car is a track composed by two parts of a running body and a chain or roller conveyor, shuttle car into a monorail shuttle cars and two-track shuttle car.

        1, modular design components, easy-to-assemble;
        2, shuttle car at both ends of a buffer device, the orbit both ends with mechanical dead block;

        Product specifications and technical parameters

        Technical parameters

        Data content

        Cell size


        Rated load


        Running speed

        0-180m/min(Frequency control)

        Drive power


        Speed ??control

        Closed-loop speed control, real-time network control

        Means of communication

        Wireless Ethernet, far-infrared optical communication, slip-line communication

        To identify the site location

        Laser barcode tape encoder

        Control mode

        PLC control / centralized control

        Power supply

        380V   50Hz